WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI Vaporizer *Night Blue*

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The WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI convection vaporizer raises the bar for high-end vaporizers a whole lot more, and at an affordable price.

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WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI Convection Vaporizer

Release the Power of Clouds!

The WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI high-end vaporizer is the updated version of a cult vaporizer by German designers and engineers. In a fresh new design and with optimized technology, the 8 cm WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI shows the possibilities of a high-tech evaporator. Equipped with the latest convection technology, this evaporator impressively demonstrates how to combine the best of design and technology.

Large crystal clear OLED display, easy operation and very short heat-up time

The FX MINI is equipped with a large and clear OLED display showing the set and actual temperature between 160°C - 221°C (320°F – 428°F): it can be easily set between Celsius and Fahrenheit change. All you have to do is press the power button and the bottom button together for about 3 seconds. The FX MINI heats up in a record-breaking 25 seconds. The heating process is indicated by a red light, which changes to blue after the temperature has been reached. The FX Mini is very easy and uncomplicated to use.

For herbs, extracts, waxes and oils

The WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI does not care what it's filled with in terms of performance. The convection technology optimized in Germany guarantees the efficient evaporation of herbs, extracts, waxes and oils. Steam production is always exceptionally high.

High quality and safe materials

WOLKENKRAFT® does not compromise on the quality of the materials, so the materials have been tested for safety and tested. The interior and exterior materials are state-of-the-art in materials research and health harmless.

Extendible glass mouthpiece and fully insulated steam channel

To guarantee a pure taste experience, the mouthpiece unit is coated inside with glass. In addition, the FX MINI has been equipped with an extendable glass mouthpiece that extends to the lower end of the mouthpiece unit. This makes the FX MINI double-glazed. The fully insulated air duct conveys the steam directly to the chamber and to the glass mouthpiece. This ensures absolutely clear steam and pure taste even for gourmets.

High safety

WOLKENKRAFT® not only stands for quality, advanced design and the latest technology. But also for safety and thus a carefree evaporation experience. That's why the FX MINI has been equipped with the latest security technology. The FX MINI automatically shuts off after 4 minutes. The additional integrated safety functions give a good feeling for evaporation without worry lines.

Compact high-tech all-round evaporator 

Small but powerful: pioneering technology, unique design, easy operation, outstanding quality, exemplary safety and pure taste provide an excellent evaporation experience. All of this is built into one of the most compact vaporizers in the world. The WOLKENKRAFT FX MINI convection vaporizer raises the bar for high-end vaporizers a whole lot more, and at an affordable price.

  • Unique WOLKENKRAFT® design
  • Patented true convection technology
  • retractable and adjustable glass mouthpiece -> double glazing for absolutely pure taste
  • Blue LED illuminates the glass mouthpiece and clouds of steam
  • Optimized airflow prevents draw resistance
  • High quality and safe materials
  • Fully insulated air path
  • Pure and unadulterated taste
  • Large and crystal clear OLED display
  • Precise temperature control at 160°C to 221°C
  • Short warm-up time: only 25 seconds
  • One of the smallest vaporizers on the market: 5.1 cm * 2.5 cm * 7.6 cm
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Many security features for maximum security
  • For herbs, extracts, waxes and oils (including quartz cup)
  • 1 x WOLKENKRAFT® FX MINI Vaporizer *Midnight Blue*
  • 1 x Silicone ring with sieve
  • 1 x Quartz container for extracts, waxes & oils
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Cleaning brush made of wood and horsehair
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 2x WOLKENKRAFT® sticker
  • 1 x User manual in German and English
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