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WOLKENKRAFT launches the 7th generation of vaporizers with WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS and patented ECA technology. The ÄRIS is the spearhead of vaporizer technology and ECA convection technology is as advanced as it is unique.

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WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS - the revolutionary new convection vaporizer of WOLKENKRAFT!

The vaporizer revolution starts NOW!

WOLKENKRAFT launches the 7th generation of vaporizers with WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS and patented ECA technology. The ÄRIS is the spearhead of vaporizer technology and ECA convection technology is as advanced as it is unique. It has never been easier to vaporize more efficient and comfortable herbs! Never was a vaporizer with this power more compact and handy. The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS is a revolution! There is no other vaporizer that combines innovation, design, handiness and user-friendliness so skillfully.

Elegant and modern design

Being a high-tech product, the manufacturer also had to increase the design to match its outstanding performance with an attractive design. That is undoubtedly successful. The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS is not only the most advanced herbal vaporizer on the market, it looks the same. The sleek black case along with the extendable black glass mouthpiece make the design perfect.
All this is packaged in extremely compact dimensions of 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 8.4 cm (without glass mouthpiece) and only 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 10.2 cm with glass mouthpiece. While other manufacturers compromise make compromises in technology or design, the ÄRIS combines both in a perfect way! There are no more compromises here. Finally, there's an elegant and damn good-looking tech monster for your pocket.

Latest technology makes the difference

Manufacturers of vaporizers have hitherto claimed that their vaporizers are made of safe materials, have an air duct isolated from the electronics, that they event. even use convection technology and they like to claim that their vaporizers are the most advanced. You could not check it yourself, because that would usually take the device apart.

The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS does not need such promises, because everyone can convince themselves within seconds how the air duct is built and that it is completely insulated and the latest and most advanced convection technology is available. The ÄRIS is thus a special feature and one-off exception.

Revolutionary patented ECA technology - Progress through progress, not marketing!

ECA stands for "Easy Care Airpath" and is a unique innovation - no, a revolution! The air and heating channel is no longer hidden in the device, but you can see it, more precisely: you can see through it. Simply remove the mouthpiece unit from the device and press the strainer with the help of the magenta chamber rod from the bottom of the device and the heating and air duct is completely exposed. This has never happened before!

ECA = 100% free air channel for easy cleaning

Since the air duct is completely visible, it is easy to clean. Gone are the days that you could only clean the sieve or the heating chamber, but small herb remains disappeared down in the device. This is no longer possible for the ÄRIS. The air duct is 100% free, making it as easy to clean as never before.

Large and crystal clear OLED display for freely adjustable temperature, freely adjustable timer and battery level, vibration function

The large 0.96 inch double display shows (similar to the FENiX 2.0) at the same time the set and the actual temperature. But that's not all: the display has been split into two sections, indicating not only the temperatures, but also the timed and actual time and battery levels. The upper area of ​​the display is reserved for the temperatures and the lower area for the times.

The adjustable timer on the ÄRIS OLED dual display allows you to freely choose the evaporation time between 3 and 6 minutes before the ÄRIS switches itself off automatically. You can watch the expiring and counting down time on the display and can, if necessary, simply extend or shorten the time - just as you like!

The vibration function provides the already known mechanisms of haptic feedback and signals the achievement of temperature, switching on and off, etc.

ECA = efficient convection heating, rapid heating in less than 30 seconds and degree-precise evaporation

The degree-precise temperature control in the ranges 320 ° F - 428 ° F / 160 - 221 ° C offers full control for almost every herb. The manufacturer is a master in the development of new technologies and has next to a well-known German company the most advanced convection technology worldwide. Of course, this experience also benefited the ÄRIS, which is why the ÄRIS convection technology works even more closely and wows tears of joy to every vaporizer enthusiast. Evaporation was never better!

Quality, quality and quality

Technologically leading, easy to use, and extremely handy, no compromises were made regarding the quality of the materials. The high-quality materials can be seen, felt and tasted. Once you have had or even used the ÄRIS, there is no doubt about the outstanding performance and quality of this revolutionary convection vaporizer.

CONCLUSION: The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS is undoubtedly the one of the most advanced herbal vaporizers on the market. WOLKENKRAFT proves in which league they play and there is hardly a competitor product. Advanced technology, fantastic and compact design, easy operation and cleaning - the FENiX Pro offers everything a herbal vaporizer can offer and what hardly a vaporizer offers.

There are vaporizers on the market that are well above the price of a WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS and can not even offer half the performance or quality. But the WOLKENKRAFT wants to make the world's best vaporizer available to anyone and offers the ÄRIS therefore for an absolute competitive price. With this unique value for money, WOLKENKRAFT sneaks into the hearts of every true vaporizer fan. All that remains to be said: a high-tech premium vaporizer at a bargain price!


  • 7th generation vaporizer technology
  • Patented newest and revolutionary ECA convection technology 
  • Easy Care Air Path
  • Extendable and adjustable thick black glass mouthpiece
  • High quality and safe materials
  • Fully isolated air path
  • Pure and unadulterated taste
  • Optimized airflow prevents draw resistance
  • Large and crystal clear OLED display
  • Precise temperature control per degree 320°F – 428°F / 160 - 221 ° C
  • Short warm-up time: only 25 seconds
  • Adjustable working time 3-6 minutes
  • Vibration function
  • Easy to Use / Easy to Control
  • Compact design: 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 8,4 cm (without glass mouthpiece) / only 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 10,2 cm incl. glass mouthpiece 
  • Automatic Shut-Off Timer
  • Many safety and security features for maximum safety
  • Color: Black

Package content:

  • 1 x WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS Vaporizer in giftbox
  • 1 x Mouthpiece O-Ring & Screen 
  • 1 x Airpath Clean Brush
  • 1 x Chamber Clean Brush
    1 x Chamber Stick
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual in German and English
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