FENiX Mini Vaporizer *Black*

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One of the smallest convection vaporizers is the FENiX Mini. The FENiX Mini is a true convection vaporizer for herbs and concentratesand and delivers an outstanding performance with many great features.

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FENiX Mini Vaporizer *Black*

The FENiX Mini is currently the smallest vaporizer from Weecke. Like its big brother, the FENiX Mini has a stainless steel herbal chamber and is in no way inferior to the FENiX in steam quality and efficiency - on the contrary, the technology has been refined so that the FENiX Mini heats up even faster.


The FENiX Mini is very compact and fits in any pocket (cigarette pack format), it is also very good in the hand and is discreet due to its simple but beautiful design. There are 3 beautiful models to choose from: plain black, wood or marble design. You are spoiled for choice!

Efficient and genuine convection and unadulterated taste

A very efficient convection heater is used, making the FENiX Mini vaporizer one of the few true convection vaporizers on the market. The strengths of the FENiX Mini are many. Especially the taste is pure and unadulterated. The steam yield and quality is excellent.

Very short heating time

A joyful feature of the FENiX Mini vaporizer is the very short warm-up time of less than 30 seconds: the temperature counter races up shortly after switching on. Before you look at the desired temperature is reached.

OLED display

The  large and clearly visible OLED display of the FENiX Mini shows the exact temperature, the exact battery level and the set and the reached temperature. Another nice feature of the FENiX Mini: visible through a window in the mouthpiece, an LED signals by green light as soon as the Fenix Mini has reached the desired temperature.

Change of temperature display

To change the temperature display from Ø F to Ø C, simply hold down the (top) power button and the bottom button together for about 3 seconds.

Herbs, waxes and oils

In addition, a quartz glass chamber is included, with which you can evaporate herbs and oils and waxes.

Automatic shutdown

The FENiX Mini automatically turns off after four minutes of non-use. The FENiX Mini can be easily charged via a USB cable. The recharge time is very short with about 2 hours.


FENiX ​​Mini Vaporizer details:

  • true and efficient convection
  • pure and unadulterated taste
  • great design
  • Temperature 160 ° - 221 ° C
  • large OLED display
  • Temperature adjustable to the degree
  • short warm-up time: under 30 seconds
  • Stainless herbchamber
  • only 136g light
  • very small and compact: 5.1 x 2.5 x 7.6 cm
  • fits in any trouser pocket
  • For herbs, waxes and oils

FENiX ​​Mini Vaporizer scope of delivery:

  • 1x FENiX ​​Mini Vaporizer * Black *
  • 1x replacement mouthpiece seal with sieve
  • 1x quartz tank for liquids
  • 1x stuffing tool
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x tweezers
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x user manual
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