Dry Herb Pod Container Keyholder (incl. 2 Herb Pods) *green*

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Dry Herb Pod Container Keyholder *green*
Dry Herb Pod Container: Storage tube for two herb capsules (from FocusVape). With the Dry Herb Pods for Focusvape there is no need for the cumbersome filling of the herb chamber when on the move. Simply fill the capsules at home into the tube and enjoy when you are hitting the road.

The pods are compatible with all Focusvape models (Focusvape, Focusvape Pro / Pro S, Tourist), Boundless CF / Hybrid, and most Flowermate models.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dry Herb Pods is not compatible with the "Flowermate Load X Grinder" and 2015 versions of Focusvape.
Delivery scope:
  • 1x Container Keyholder *green*
  • 2x Herb capsules


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