In this article, we will be comparing two very good and compact vaporizers Fenix mini and ArGo. They have a few similar properties and a few that differ just a little that can make your decision easier.


These two portable vaporizers come very well know companies, that have been on the market for quite a while. Fenix comes from the company Weecke that has been making very good portable vaporizers for many years. ArGo was made by the Canadian company Arizer, that is also known for very good portable and desktop vaporizers. Both of these two portable vaporizers are very popular all around the market.


Fenix mini and ArGO are almost the same sizes. Fenix mini is 8 x 5 x 2.7 cm and ArgGo is 9 x 5 x 2.5 cm. And the weight of Fenix mini is 135 g and the ArGO is 96 g. So if your looking for a small portable pocket-sized vaporizer these two are just that.


Fenix mini ranges from 160°C – 210°C, which is enough for you to evaporate herbs, waxes and concentrates. ArGo offers a temperature range from 50 - 220 °C, even though the temperature is good for any type of material evaporation, the ArGo only offers the evaporation of dry herbs. Fenix mini heats up in about 40 seconds, while the Argo needs about 30 - 60 sec. So both of them are ready to go quite quickly.


The chamber capacity is also very similar, Fenix mini packs 0.15 g and ArGo pack 0.2 g. But you need to keep in mind that the Fenix mini has steel pods that offer the possibility of using it with waxes and oils, besides the dry herbs, while the ArGo doesn't offer that.


Fenix mini has the 4th generation of air heating technology, convection. Which means that only hot air comes in contact with the herbs, wax, oil and this eliminates the chance for the herbs to burn and give out a bad taste. And also it means that the herbs get heated up evenly throughout the whole chamber, not only on the sides of the chamber. This also means that you dont need to stir the herbs as often as you would otherwise.

The ArGO has a hybrid type of heating, which means that the heating chamber is heated up in the conduction way, but the air that passes through the herbs is heated up in the convection way. This makes the herbs heat up faster and more evenly than just with conduction and it also doesn't burn the herbs.


Both Fenix mini and ArGo offer nice vapor because both of them have very good pathways.

ArGo has an all-glass air pathway, that means that the vapor travels in glass pathways, not touching any of the other parts of the inside of the device.

Fenix mini has an isolated air pathway, that makes the herbs only mixed with fresh air providing really good vapor.

For both of them being very small vaporizers, they are very good and provide clear and flavourful vapor.


Fenix mini and ArGO are made out of quality materials and part, by very good companies that have been on the market for a while. They know what they are doing with their vaporizers.

Therefore, Fenix mini has a titanium chamber, it has a mouthpiece made out of zirconium that makes the vapor cool down quickly and makes it a pleasant temperature for you to inhale. And the casing is made out fo metal which makes the device durable and nice looking.

While the ArGo has a chamber made out of stainless steel, and the mouthpiece is made out of glass. The casing could be better because it's made out of plastic.


ArGo has a bit of an advantage in this category. It has a 300 mAh battery that can last you for about 90 minutes when fully charged and it charges up in 180 minutes. But not only that it is also replaceable and it has pass-thru charging. That means that you can always have a spare full battery with you and replace it when it runs out. And also you can use the device while you're charging it.

While Fenix mini has a 2200 mAh battery that can last you for about 45 minutes and it needs 120 to charge up.


Both Fenix mini and ArGo are very good devices. Pocket-sized, portable, discreet and all together they make very good vapor. But both of them have pros and cons. The ArGo has a good pro of a good, replaceable battery, and Fenix mini is made out of very good materials, such as the zirconium mouthpiece and it also offers evaporation of all kinds of materials, while the ArGo only evaporates dry herbs.


Both the ArGo and the Fenix mini have 2 years of warranty.

Whatever you will choose these two vaporizers will do the job.